How Hosted Applications Help IT Departments

Hosted Applications

One of the main reasons that many businesses sign up for onthenetOffice Hosted Applications is that our Application Hosting solutions reduce the costs and eliminate the hassles of managing and maintaining an onsite IT infrastructure. onthenetOffice Hosted Applications don’t require the purchase or maintenance of any complicated onsite IT hardware and are monitored, protected, and managed by around-the-clock by our knowledgeable and experienced personnel. As a result, it’s often unnecessary for businesses to have any on-premise IT support personnel when they migrate their complete onsite IT infrastructure to an onthenetOffice Hosted IT Infrastructure.

Even when onthenetOffice Application Hosting solutions don’t cause businesses to downsize or eliminate their IT departments, however, they still assist and reduce the workload of on-premise personnel, allowing them to manage the company’s IT infrastructure more efficiently and effectively and focus on more complex and valuable tasks than simply monitoring and protecting the infrastructure.

How onthenetOffice Hosted Applications assist the on-premise IT personnel?

  • Included hardware maintenance. We monitor and maintain our servers 24x7x365. We will also take care of repairing or replacing them when they malfunction.
  • Included technical support. We provide 24x7x365 all-inclusive technical support with our Application Hosting Service. We can help our users with any problem at any time—including problems not directly related to our hosted solutions that involve local hardware (thin clients, desktops, monitors, printers, scanners, etc.) and locally-installed applications.
  • Included patch management. With onthenetOffice Hosted Applications, which are updated automatically, IT personnel don’t have to go the trouble of updating applications installed on the hard drives of onsite PC workstations or the centralized applications of onsite terminal servers.
  • Included data backups. onthenetOffice Hosted Applications are backed up daily.
  • Included security measures. onthenetOffice Hosted Apps are protected by our 4-D Security System’s firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), antivirus software, and spam and content filters.
  • Centralization. Each onthenetOffice Hosted App is a multiuser deployment that can be expanded to support an infinite number of users. The data from our Hosted Applications also never leaves our servers, which fulfill all of the processing and storage requirements of our App Hosting solutions. With all of the files associated with a specific application bunched together, it’s much easier for IT personnel to protect and organize these documents. The centralization of our Hosted Applications is also helpful for when businesses want to switch to a different application.

Businesses should sign up for Application Hosting solutions from onthenetOffice like QuickBooks Hosting and Microsoft Exchange Hosting to add to the effectiveness of and reduce the workload of onsite IT support personnel today!

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