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An onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop appears and performs the same, for the most part, as a Windows operating system installed on the hard drive of a PC.

Four characteristics that onthenetOffice Hosted Virtual Desktops and Windows desktop operating systems have in common are:

  • Interface.
    The default visual schemes of onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops are similar to that of Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (businesses can choose which desktop OS they want their hosted desktops to resemble). Likewise, interaction with either an onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop or a Windows desktop OS takes place via a mouse (represented onscreen as a cursor), a keyboard, and/or a touchscreen.
  • Functionality.
    onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop users can do all of the things they can do in a Windows desktop OS: install, access, and utilize applications (several of which can be open at the same time); send and receive emails; browse the Internet; and save files. In addition, any Windows-compatible application can be installed on an onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop.
  • Performance.
    onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops perform as well as locally-installed Windows operating systems, even when they’re processing resource-intensive applications like CAD or video editing software.
  • Persistence.
    Each registered onthenetOffice user is assigned to his or her own permanent Hosted Desktop. Like a Windows desktop OS, an onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop retains all of a user’s files, settings, and applications even after (and no matter how many times) he or she logs out.

At the same time, there are several ways in which onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops differ from Windows desktop operating systems that make onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops the more appealing option:

  • Accessibility.
    onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected device. A Windows desktop OS, however, can only be accessed on the device on which it is installed.
  • Manageability.
    onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops are organized onto a small number of interconnected servers and contained within a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) framework. Their centralization makes them much easier to protect, monitor, and maintain than decentralized, PC-based Windows desktop operating systems.
  • Cost-efficiency.
    With onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops, businesses don’t have to purchase any onsite servers or PC workstations. Users can access their Hosted Desktops from low-cost devices such as thin clients, tablets, and notebooks. Meanwhile, the onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops themselves cost only a low, flat monthly fee.
  • “Deploy-ability”.
    onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops can be deployed quickly (sometimes in as little as a few minutes) and don’t require any large upfront costs. PCs take at least a day to acquire and cost about $700 each (not including monitors and peripherals, much less the servers and storage devices required with any onsite IT infrastructure).

Other unique features of onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops and Application Hosting include SMX Speed Technology, customizability, and 24x7x365 all-inclusive technical support. Contact an onthenetOffice sales representative at or 1-888-603-9030 to seize the “Hosted Desktop Advantage” today!

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