The Pure Profit of onthenetOffice Hosted Solutions

Windows Hosted Desktops

By signing up for onthenetOffice hosted solutions such as Hosted Virtual Desktops and Application Hosting, accountants can increase their profits.

Our hosted solutions accomplish this by lowering accountants’ IT costs, increasing their productivity, and giving them the ability to support more customers.


  • Lower Costs

Accountants don’t have to purchase any onsite servers or hire any on-premise IT personnel when they sign up for onthenetOffice hosted solutions. All accountants need to access their Hosted VDIs or Hosted Applications is an Internet-connected device such as a desktop, laptop, thin client, tablet, or smartphone. With the money they save from switching to onthenetOffice hosted solutions, accountants can reduce their costs further and/or bring in more revenue by:

  • Purchasing lists of sales leads and/or contacts
  • Hiring an assistant
  • Starting or extending a PPC and/or social media advertising campaign
  • Revamping their website with the help of a web development firm
  • Improving their search engine rankings with the help of an SEO firm
  • Upgrading to a more advanced version of their current financial application (to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise from the basic QuickBooks)

In addition, to save even more money, accountants with onthenetOffice hosted solutions can sell their office and work exclusively from home or a public space (libraries, coffee shops, etc.).

  • Increased Productivity

onthenetOffice Hosted VDIs and Application Hosting let accountants access their financial applications and data from anywhere. This lets accountants continue their work after they’ve left the office—on a train or a bus or at home—without having to (for example) purchase multiple software licenses or email files to themselves. With onthenetOffice hosted solutions, accountants are also able to access their financial applications and data when performing onsite audits.

  • Support for More Customers

onthenetOffice Hosted Solutions can be scaled up to support an unlimited amount of storage and users, and can therefore support any amount of customers and financial data. In addition, accountants with onthenetOffice hosted solutions can provide financial services to more businesses than just those in their local area. Businesses anywhere can log in to an onthenetOffice-hosted financial application (either their own or that of the accountant’s) and input their data; and when they’re finished their accountants can log in to the same application and perform whatever calculation or audits they’ve been asked to do. In fact, accountants can provide financial services to their local clients remotely, too, saving themselves from wasting their time with onsite visits and enabling them to serve more customers overall.

Beyond the Bottom Line
By signing up for onthenetOffice hosted solutions, accountants not only increase their profits, they also:

  • Improve their applications’ performance.
    onthenetOffice Hosted Applications, built with SMX Speed Technology, perform better than locally-installed applications and can be launched in less than a second.
  • Increase their applications’ reliability.
    We monitor and maintain our hosted solutions 24x7x365. In addition, we include a 100% uptime guarantee with all of our hosted solutions.
  • Ensure compliance.
    We protect all of our hosted solutions with our 4-D Security System (firewalls, IPS/IDS, antivirus, spam blocker, patch management, file encryption, and content filters); we also perform offsite backups all of our hosted solutions on a daily basis. Consequently, our hosted solutions are fully-compliant with the data security regulations Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA).

Contact an onthenetOffice sales representative at or 1-888-603-9030 to sign up for our Hosted VDIs or Application Hosting today!

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