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The upfront costs of signing up for an onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Solution are much less than the upfront costs of deploying an on-site IT infrastructure. With an on-site IT infrastructure, a business has to purchase brand-new hardware such as servers, storage devices, and PC workstations; buy or renew software licenses; and hire a trained IT professional to manage and maintain everything. The only necessary upfront costs with an onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Solution, however, are a negligible setup fee and the first in a line of low, fixed monthly payments.

onthenetOffice Virtual Hosted Desktop Solutions don’t require businesses to purchase any servers or software licenses or hire any on-site IT personnel—the servers are acquired and managed by us; we provide 24x7x365 technical support, advanced IT security, and managed data backups; and everything (including the hardware, personnel, and software) is covered by our flat monthly fee. Employees can use any Internet-connected device to access their onthenetOffice Virtual Hosted Desktop Solutions—including desktops, laptops, thin client, tablets, and smartphones.

The servers in our data centers take care of all of the processing and data storage of our Hosted Desktops (only keystrokes and mouse clicks are sent to our servers from end-user devices, and the only thing sent back to the end-user devices from our servers are the images that appear on the monitor or screen of the end-user devices). Therefore, onthenetOffice Virtual Hosted Desktops, far from requiring brand-new PC workstations, can perform just as well with end-user devices such as thin clients and refurbished PCs. Furthermore, businesses can actually cut their end-user devices costs down to zero by giving employees the opportunity to bring their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones into work.

It’s not only in upfront costs that onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Solutions are more cost-efficient than on-site IT infrastructures. onthenetOffice Virtual Hosted Desktops also increase revenue and decrease costs as a result of these lesser-known features:

  • Anywhere-availability. onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Solutions can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected device. By giving employees the ability to access their files and applications from anywhere, onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops raise a business’s productivity levels. Companies can also save money with the anywhere-availability of onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops by letting workers telecommute, which can lead to decreased real estate and energy costs.
  • No data breaches or downtime. onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Solutions are protected by our advanced 4-D Security System (firewall, IPS/IDS, antivirus, spam blocker, file encryption, patch management, and content filter) and maintained with 24x7x365 monitoring, managed data backups, and business continuity planning. By preventing data breaches and outages from occurring, we save businesses tens of thousands of dollars every year.
  • All-inclusive support. Every onthenetOffice Hosted Solution comes with 24x7x365 all-inclusive technical support. As a result, our Hosted Desktops continually have the best possible performance, security, and reliability; and our clients get the maximum value and longevity out of their devices. With the comprehensive support of onthenetOffice, businesses can also keep their focus on their products and services and not have to worry about their IT infrastructure.

Find out more lesser-known benefits and cost-efficiencies of onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Solutions by contacting one of our sales representatives and signing up for a FREE 30-day trial today!

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