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The benefits of onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks are pretty clear— onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks is more cost-effective, accessible, secure, and easier-to-manage than on-site QuickBooks. You may still have questions about other aspects of onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks, however (features, compatibility, cost, etc.). Hopefully, this FAQ will give you the information that you’re looking for. If you have any further questions about onthenetOffice QuickBooks Hosting, contact an onthenetOffice sales representative at or 1-888-603-9030.

Does onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks have all the same features as a locally-installed desktop version of the software?

Yes. Though some web-based applications derived from desktop software—in order to reduce their processing requirements—are stripped of their most powerful and complex features, an onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks is exactly the same as a locally-installed desktop version of QuickBooks. It won’t seem like you’re accessing your hosted QuickBooks over the Internet, either; our hosted applications perform the same as locally-installed software, and don’t have any of the slowdowns, lag, or outages that many people experience when using other web-based software.

What versions of QuickBooks does onthenetOffice host?

We host ANY version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and basic QuickBooks. This includes previous versions of QuickBooks, too (QuickBooks Pro 2009, QuickBooks Premier 2010, QuickBooks Enterprise 2011, etc.).

Can I still use my QuickBooks plugins with onthenetOffice QuickBooks Hosting?

Yes, we support ALL QuickBooks plugins, including favorites such as Corelytics, AgileShip, ShipGear, OneWay Commerce, ViewMyPaycheck, bMobile, and AuditMyBooks.

What’s included with onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks?

All onthenetOffice QuickBooks Hosting Solutions come with:

  • 4-D Security (firewall, antivirus, file encryption, and Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems)
  • Regular data backups
  • SMX Speed Technology (a unique blend of performance-boosting technologies, protocols, and best practices)
  • 24x7x365 all-inclusive US-based technical support (which extends beyond providing support for our hosted solutions to helping you resolve issues with your desktops, laptops, scanners, printers, speakers, monitors, etc.)
  • Around-the-clock infrastructure monitoring and maintenance (backed by a 100% uptime guarantee)

How much does onthenetOffice QuickBooks Hosting cost?

All onthenetOffice hosted solutions cost only a low, flat monthly fee. Your exact fee will depend on the version of QuickBooks that you select and how many users and how much storage you need. For a price quote, contact an onthenetOffice sales representative.

What do I do with my existing QuickBooks licenses and data?

Your existing software licenses can be transferred to and be used to authorize your onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks. If you don’t have any existing QuickBooks licenses, you can either purchase them from Intuit or rent them from us (the cost will be included in your monthly fee). Your existing QuickBooks data can also be transferred to your new hosted QuickBooks deployment. For a small fee, an onthenetOffice hosting specialist can help you with the data migration process.

What devices can I use to access onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks with?

onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks can be accessed from any Internet-connected desktop, laptop, thin client, ultrabook, tablet, or smartphone.

Can I access hosted QuickBooks from an Apple computer?

Yes, even though we only host the Windows versions of QuickBooks, any user with a Mac OS can still access onthenetOffice Hosted QuickBooks.

Is onthenetOffice QuickBooks Hosting compliant with data security regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA?

Yes, it can be. 4-D Security (firewall, antivirus, file encryption, and Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems) comes standard with our hosted QuickBooks. If you need to comply with a specific data security regulation, let your onthenetOffice account manager know so that we can build a customized, fully-compliant version of hosted QuickBooks for you.

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