5 Reasons to Select a Hosted VDI as Your Next IT Infrastructure

Hosted VDI

onthenetOffice Virtual Desktops are web-based IT solutions that appear and perform just like a Windows desktop operating system.

The benefits of our virtual desktops include:

-They don’t require any on-site servers. You don’t have to purchase or maintain any on-site servers with a hosted VDI from onthenetOffice. Your virtual desktops will be stored on the servers housed in our datacenters. The only hardware you’ll need to connect to your hosted desktop is a web-enabled device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

-You can personalize them. With an onthenetOffice Hosted VDI, each user is assigned his or her own virtual desktop. This virtual desktop will retain all of the user’s files, settings, and applications—just as if it were a locally-installed operating system.

-They are centralized. We host the virtual desktops of our hosted VDIs on a small number of interconnected servers. This way, they are more secure and easier and more cost-effective to manage.

In addition to these inherent benefits of onthenetOffice Desktop Hosting, there are external technological and economic factors that tip the scales in favor of hosted VDIs as the ideal IT infrastructure. The top five reasons that businesses should select hosted VDIs as their next IT infrastructure are:

  1. Your PCs may soon be obsolete… PC sales declined a record 14% from the year before in Q1 2013. Also, IDC predicts that tablets will pass PCs in sales by 2015. Though PCs aren’t going to disappear from the market any time soon, declining sales mean that manufacturers will be cutting back on support and R&D. Basing your IT infrastructure on devices with a diminishing shelf life isn’t a good idea.
  2. …but the desktop OS is still a necessity. The desktop OS (or a virtual hosted desktop) is still the most effective and efficient way to get work done electronically. Vital programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and QuickBooks can’t be installed on Android and iOS mobile devices. (Though these programs can be accessed separately as hosted applications, with a virtual hosted desktop these applications can all be conveniently accessed from one place.)
  3. The number of businesses using virtual desktops is rising. Gartner projects that the number of people using virtual hosted desktops will eventually rise to more than 49 million users. Meanwhile, Techaisle predicts that the amount that SMBs spend on VDIs will more than triple to $430 million by 2015, and VisionGain reports that more than 50% of US businesses are migrating or considering migrating to VDI in 2013. As with PCs but in reverse, the increase in the sales of VDIs will incite manufacturers and developers to invest more in support and R&D. These statistics also underline the fact that businesses need to sign up for desktop hosting now, before their competitors beat them to it.
  4. Businesses need mobile IT. Mobility makes businesses more productive by letting employees work wherever and whenever they want. It also makes them more collaborative by allowing workers in different locations to share the same resources (files and applications). A hosted VDI is the perfect mobile IT infrastructure for businesses because it can be accessed from anywhere with any web-enabled device, yet it is also centralized, reliable, and secure.
  5. Hosted VDIs are cost-effective. The economy rewards companies that are efficient and agile, so it’s important to minimize costs as much as possible. Fortunately, hosted VDIs are cost-effective because they don’t require you to purchase any on-site servers or hire any on-premise IT personnel; and they are better than on-site IT infrastructures at preventing data breaches and outages.

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