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The reasons that businesses select hosted solutions like hosted applications and hosted desktop infrastructures include the fact that they are easy to deploy and utilize; that users can access them from anywhere and with any Internet-connected device; and that they are cost-efficient and a cinch to manage and secure. Managed server hosting is a preferred IT solution of a large number of businesses for similar reasons; the main reason that companies select it, however, is its unparalleled flexibility and customizability.

Servers are powerful, centralized computers that perform tasks and save files on behalf of other computing devices. The power of servers (with their multi-core processors and at least 2GB of RAM) makes them ideal for hosting all of the applications of a business. The centralization of servers, meanwhile, makes it a lot easier to install, secure, update, and remove applications—in comparison to the deployment method of installing single-user versions of applications on every user’s device. Similarly, servers—because of they can be accessed via a network and, when well-maintained, are secure, reliable, and powerful—are also ideal for hosting file storage databases, email mailboxes, collaboration platforms (such as Microsoft SharePoint), and websites.

Many servers are purchased, locally-stored, and maintained by the same businesses that utilize them. It has become increasingly common, however, for businesses to outsource the procurement and maintenance of servers to an external hosting provider. With hosted servers, companies don’t need any expensive on-site IT hardware. Employees only need an Internet-connected device such as a desktop, laptop, thin client, tablet, or smartphone to be able to access files and applications on a hosted server.

Most external hosting companies don’t include security, backups, technical support, or performance monitoring with their hosted servers; they are only concerned with complying with their availability SLAs (usually 99.99%) and maximizing their uptime. But who cares about the uptime of a hosted server when that server is slow, unsupported, riddled with malware, and incompletely backed up? onthenetOffice—in contrast—protects, supports, and optimizes all of its hosted servers with its advanced 4-D Security System, managed data backups, 24x7x365 monitoring and technical support, and performance-boosting SMX Speed Technology.

With Managed Server Hosting from onthenetOffice, businesses gain the ability to host files and applications with the flexibility, control, and visibility of on-site servers, but without the costs and hassles of the latter. To get started, companies only need to select the type of Managed Server Hosting that they prefer—the offerings of onthenetOffice include Small Business Hosting, Virtual Desktop Hosting, Hosted IT Infrastructure, Dedicated Servers, Private Cloud Servers, Terminal Server Hosting, Citrix Server Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting, and Compliance Hosting—and contact an onthenetOffice sales representative via email, form, or at the phone number 1-888-603-9033.

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