The Benefits of VDI-in-a-Box Hosted Desktops

The Benefits of VDI OTNO Blog

A virtual desktop is a web-based solution that appears and performs just like a locally-installed Windows operating system. The same desktop can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected device (such as a PC, thin client, tablet, or smartphone). Virtual desktops have superb out-of-the-box functionality and versatility. Unlike hosted infrastructures, which have to be set up and customized first, virtual desktops are ready to be accessed and utilized by end-users as soon as they are deployed; and unlike hosted applications, which are deployed and accessed separately, users can install and access as many applications as they want on a single virtual desktop. In addition, users can save files, browse the Internet, and send and receive emails from a virtual desktop.

Compared to a typical on-site IT infrastructure, virtual desktops are more cost-efficient, secure, and reliable. With hosted desktop solutions, businesses don’t have to purchase any on-site servers or hire any on-premise IT personnel. Virtual desktops are also centralized onto a small number of interconnected servers, which makes them easier to secure and manage.

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a solution that hosting companies use to deploy and manage virtual desktops. For our Hosted Desktop Solutions, onthenetOffice uses the most cost-efficient and high-performance VDI on the market: VDI-in-a-Box from Citrix. By selecting VDI-in-a-Box, which has a built-in connection broker and load balancer and supports Direct Attached Storage (DAS), onthenetOffice significantly reduces our hardware costs, savings that we subsequently pass on to our clients in the form of our low, flat monthly fees. Another unique feature of VDI-in-a-Box—High Definition Experience (HDX) technology—is what allows our Hosted Desktop Solutions to feature high-quality video and audio (including high-definition video conferencing), while still limiting bandwidth consumption with compression and deduplication methods.

The benefits of VDI-in-a-Box aren’t the only reasons to select onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Solutions, however. For example, no other hosting company manages and supports its hosted desktops more effectively or thoroughly than onthenetOffice. All of our hosted desktops come with 24x7x365 North America-based technical support, around-the-clock monitoring, 4-D Security (firewall, antivirus, SPAM blocker, IPS/IDS, and content filter), SMX Speed Technology, and complete daily backups. onthenetOffice also offers the widest variety of solutions: hosted desktops, hosted infrastructures, hosted applications, hosted business productivity applications, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)—which can all be customized to fit the exact requirements and preferences of the client.

To get started with a high-performance VDI-in-a-Box Hosted VDI, contact an onthenetOffice sales representative today.

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