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In general, hosted IT solutions are more cost-efficient than on-premise IT solutions. A lot of the cost-efficiency associated with hosted solutions can be traced to a technology called virtualization, which increases the flexibility and efficiency of IT hardware. With virtualization, a single physical server can be divided into multiple virtual servers. In the past, a physical server would be limited to supporting only a single hosted solution (an arrangement that results in a 10-15% server utilization rate), but virtualization makes it possible to support multiple solutions on a single physical server. As a result, businesses that couldn’t afford to purchase or rent a physical server now have the ability to rent virtual servers (or virtual server-based hosted solutions) that are a much better fit for their IT requirements and budget.

Virtual servers don’t make financial or logistical sense for every company, however. For certain companies, a single physical server (also known as a dedicated server) is more in line with their IT requirements and budget. For example, there are businesses that want to be able to select their server’s hardware and operating system; that are prohibited by data security regulations from sharing a server with any other business; and/or that, because they have a frequently-visited website or frequently-used application, need the abundant resources and centralization of a private physical server.

Just because hosted dedicated servers don’t have the flexibility or multi-tenant architecture of virtual private servers doesn’t mean that they aren’t still preferable to on-site servers, however. The Hosted Dedicated Servers of onthenetOffice, in particular, are more cost-efficient and valuable than on-site servers because of:

  • Economy of scale. onthenetOffice has an economy of scale advantage over on-site IT personnel because we have more than 50 technicians spread out among our six offices (including one international location). Aside from that, our sizable customer base also enhances our operational efficiency by providing our personnel with a steady stream of assignments; it also decreases the amount that each customer has to pay to cover our operating expenses.
  • Better performance, security, and reliability. onthenetOffice Hosted Dedicated Servers are faster and more secure and reliable than on-site servers because we utilize state-of-the-art hosting technologies and provide in-depth support. Our Dedicated Servers are built and hosted using our ultra-fast SMX Speed Technology and highly-protective 4-D Security, as well as backed by an industry-best 100% uptime guarantee. They are monitored and maintained around-the-clock by our knowledgeable and experienced technicians.
  • No hassles. onthenetOffice purchases the servers, storage devices, and datacenter networking equipment; manages the infrastructure; and maintains the solution, all for a flat, monthly fee. Our Virtual Dedicated Server customers don’t have to do anything but sign up and sign on.

To switch to a more cost-efficient and valuable IT infrastructure, sign up for Hosted Dedicated Servers from onthenetOffice today. Businesses looking for a different kind of hosted IT infrastructure (for example, Virtual Private Servers, Citrix Servers, or Terminal Servers) should visit our main site or contact one of our helpful sales representatives for more information on our other Managed Server Hosting solutions.

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