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In previous blog posts such as “How the onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Helps Small Businesses” and also “How a Hosted Desktop Broadens a Business’s Scope,” we’ve gone into detail about the benefits of the onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop.

Businesses should prefer Virtual Desktop Hosting to an old-fashioned on-site IT infrastructure due to the Hosted Desktop Infrastructure’s superior cost-efficiency, reliability, mobility, and data security. Rather than take our word for it, however, have a look at this real-world scenario of a Large Healthcare Facility that required an overhaul of their IT infrastructure and selected an onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Infrastructure:

The challenge

A Large Healthcare Facility in Orange, California had an old IT infrastructure that needed to be replaced. The PCs and servers were all five years old or more and were frustrating to use and expensive to maintain. The current IT systems weren’t compatible with the latest Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, which disqualified the Healthcare Facility from federal subsidies of more than $100,000 per physician. The infrastructure was also in danger of violating HIPAA and HITECH data security regulations (which would result in up to $1.5 million in fines and public disclosure of the violation) with its rudimentary IT security and data backup systems. Under the Affordable Care Act, the Large Healthcare Facility was also under pressure from public officials to cut costs wherever possible.

The solution

To modernize its IT infrastructure, the Large Healthcare Facility turned to Desktop Hosting Services from onthenetOffice. This solved a lot of the Facility’s IT problems immediately. With the Hosted Desktop Infrastructure being housed in the hardware of an onthenetOffice datacenter, the Facility would no longer have to dump costs and resources into maintaining its own on-site servers. At the same time, the Healthcare Facility wouldn’t have to upgrade its PC workstations because onthenetOffice’s high-end infrastructure (responsible for “The World’s Fastest Hosted Desktops”) would pick up the slack and make the Facility’s old hardware perform like they were brand-new. It also wouldn’t have to worry about HIPAA and HITECH compliance with the onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop Infrastructure’s built-in 4-D Security System (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, spam blocker, content filter, and data backup).

It took the Large Healthcare Facility less than a month to switch to Virtual Desktop Hosting. onthenetOffice started by inspecting the Facility’s current IT infrastructure and learning about its near-term and long-term IT requirements and preferences from its CIO. We put together a design of the Healthcare Facility’s Hosted Desktop Infrastructure from this information and submitted it for approval. onthenetOffice then followed up with a swift and problem-free data migration and deployment process.

The result

The Large Healthcare Facility found in onthenetOffice Desktop Hosting a cost-efficient, high-performance, HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure. The onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop helped the Facility meet its cost-cutting targets and maintain its Meaningful Use eligibility. Due to doctors’ familiarity with the Hosted Desktop interface (a Hosted Desktop has the same appearance and features as the “desktop” or operating system of a PC) and their ability to access it from their preferred device (a laptop, tablet, or smartphone instead of a PC workstation), there weren’t any significant barriers to adoption. onthenetOffice’s Virtual Desktop Hosting platform had the flexibility to support all the different EMR and EHR systems that physicians had independently selected and implemented.

About onthenetOffice

onthenetOffice distinguishes ourselves with the variety, quality, and cost-efficiency of our Hosted Solutions. We provide every kind of Hosted Solution (including Hosted Desktops, Hosted Applications, and Managed Hosted Servers) to businesses in all industries (healthcare, financial, legal, retail, government, and more) and of every size (microbusinesses, SMBs, and enterprises). We include 24x7x365 US-based technical support, around-the-clock monitoring, 4-D Security, and SMX Speed Technology with all of our Solutions. Contact an onthenetOffice sales representative to get started today.

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