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With Tax Day just around the corner, it’s the busiest and most lucrative time of the year for CPAs and other workers in the financial services industry. The last thing a financial professional needs at this point is to waste time troubleshooting their Accounting Software or ordering repairs or replacement parts for a broken-down server. Unfortunately for financial workers, however, the busiest periods aren’t only crucial to a company’s bottom line; they’re also when a business’s IT assets are most likely to fail from overuse.

With Application Hosting from onthenetOffice, though, CPAs don’t have to worry about downtime or IT maintenance. onthenetOffice guarantees 100% uptime and includes free management, support, and maintenance with all of our Hosted Solutions. Financial professionals that sign up for our Hosted Applications won’t have to spend a minute of their time fixing or worrying about their IT infrastructure for the rest of the tax season—and for as long as they remain an onthenetOffice user!

Workers in the financial services industry should select onthenetOffice Application Hosting for reasons that include:

-Fixed-cost, affordable Application Hosting. onthenetOffice users are charged only a low, flat monthly fee for their Hosted Applications. Since onthenetOffice provides all of the hardware and technical support, our users don’t need to invest any capital in purchasing and maintaining on-premise servers or hiring salaried IT personnel. Financial professionals, more than anyone, should appreciate the value of predictable costs with no upfront or surprise fees.

-Host any application. The financial applications we support include QuickBooks Accounting, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, Peachtree Accounting, Sage 50, AccountEdge, and DacEasy. Businesses can transfer data and licenses from an on-premise deployment or start from scratch. Our selection isn’t limited to just Hosted Financial Applications, of course; onthenetOffice can also host business productivity applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Exchange.

-Anywhere-enabled. onthenetOffice Hosted Applications can be accessed from anywhere and anytime on any Internet-connected computing device. This helps financial professionals in two big ways: 1) it provides them with mobile access to their Accounting Software when they perform off-site bookkeeping and auditing services; 2) their clients can input their data into the web-based system, averting a costly and time-consuming transfer process of electronic or physical records.

-SOX, PCI DSS, and GLBA compliant data security. Our security measures include built-in security measures include firewalls, antivirus, spam blocker, intrusion prevention system, data backup, business continuity planning, and content filtering, onthenetOffice Hosted Applications are compliant with data security regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Select onthenetOffice Application Hosting Services today for a worry-free tax season and beyond—whether you’re a financial services firm in Orange County, a CPA in Los Angeles, or a member of an accounting department anywhere in Southern California! Even better, if you sign up before the end of the March you’ll receive Microsoft Exchange and Wyse C Class thin clients for FREE. Contact an onthenetOffice Solutions Expert now to get started.

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