How a Hosted Desktop Broadens a Business’s Scope

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IT assets are more important than ever for businesses; so many of today’s economy’s processes and tasks are done with the aid of computer hardware and software.

Though undeniably important and helpful to most companies, IT assets can also be difficult to acquire, set up, and manage. As IT hardware and software have developed to become a vital part of most organizations, their costs, complexity, and size have grown to a near-unmanageable extent. Many CIOs and business owners are asking themselves as a result, “How can I maintain my current IT assets while reducing the expense and hassle of acquiring and managing them?” Thankfully, the hosting experts at onthenetOffice have come up with an answer for a high-performance, low-footprint IT infrastructure in Hosted Desktops.

A Hosted Desktop is best classified as web-based operating system. It appears and performs the same as a Windows OS installed on the hard drive of an end-user device. The fact that a Virtual Hosted Desktop is housed in the servers of an external hosting company rather than being locally installed is what sets it apart from a traditional operating system or “desktop.”

With the Hosted Desktop, businesses no longer have to acquire or manage expensive on-site hardware such as servers and storage devices—onthenetOffice will procure and maintain these at our datacenters. The only on-site hardware required will be a web-enabled end-user device such as a thin client, desktop PC, laptop, ultrabook, tablet, or smartphone. The onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop not only removes many of businesses’ on-site hardware requirements, it can even do away with the idea of an “on-site” location altogether by allowing employees to work effectively from home (and save companies thousands in real estate costs). Even at its most basic, however, the Hosted Desktop provides organizations with more mobility and flexibility and frees them from the expenses and hassles of on-site IT hardware.

onthenetOffice Hosted Desktops don’t force businesses to sacrifice performance or security for lower costs, either. For example, as a result of our high-powered SMX Speed Technology, our Hosted Desktops perform as well as locally-installed operating systems or better, allowing users to launch applications in as little as one second. The onthenetOffice Virtual Hosted Desktop also supports any Windows-compatible applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, and QuickBooks. In addition, companies actually improve their data security by switching to a Hosted Desktop because of onthenetOffice’s 4-D Security System (including firewalls, IPS/IDS, antivirus, spam blockers, content filtering, and file encryption) and 24x7x365 monitoring and technical support. Contact an onthenetOffice representative today to get started.

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