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Increasingly, businesses are no longer asking themselves if they should move their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Instead, many are just wondering when and how they will migrate to cloud computing. It makes sense that businesses would want to switch from their on-site IT infrastructures to a more cost-effective and flexible and equally-secure deployment method. Cloud computing isn’t just the most logical deployment option, however. Its status as an increasingly-popular delivery method has been confirmed by recent statistics, such as the fact that it has been utilized by over 80% of businesses; that 28% of small businesses host their entire IT infrastructure on it; and that the cloud computing market will increase by a factor of six from $40 billion in 2011 to $240 billion by 2020.

The answer for businesses asking the question of when they should switch to a cloud-based infrastructure should be clear, then—they need to migrate their files and applications now before they fall behind and lose the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. The answer of how these businesses should transfer to the cloud should be settled, as well—they should contact a sales representative from onthenetOffice today to sign up for Customized Cloud Solutions. No one makes it easier or more advantageous to migrate to the cloud than onthenetOffice, and here are the top reasons why:

1. No-hassle process. onthenetOffice guarantees that the cloud migration process won’t interfere with the day-to-day business of your company. Our method of transferring files and applications won’t disturb your existing infrastructure. Throughout the process, all of your programs and documents will be accessible and you won’t experience any unusual slowdowns or outages.

2. Full compatibility. Transfer your full IT infrastructure to your onthenetOffice Private Cloud, including all of your files, applications, settings, and software licenses. We’ll even host your custom and legacy applications.

3. Low-cost setup. The upfront costs of our Customized Cloud Solutions are minimal. Our solutions don’t require the purchase of any on-premise servers or the hiring of any on-site IT support personnel. The entire setup process—including data migration—is reasonably priced.

4. FREE brand new hardware. Sign up for onthenetOffice hosted services between now and March 31, 2013, and we will provide you with all of the hardware you need for your new cloud-based IT infrastructure for free. Of course, you’ll never have to purchase or manage another server ever again when you select our Private Cloud Solutions—but you’ll still require end-user equipment such as thin clients, monitors, keyboards, and mice. Based upon on an analysis of the composition of your current on-site infrastructure, onthenetOffice will provide you with as many of these devices you need—free of charge. (Certain restrictions apply. To learn more, contact us or consult this blog post about the promotion.)

5. It’s onthenetOffice. Just as hiring a fantastic moving service doesn’t mean that you’ll be moving into a great house, selecting a flexible and cost-efficient cloud migration service doesn’t automatically get you a high-quality IT infrastructure. However, onthenetOffice has been able to combine no-hassle setup and eminently powerful, reliable, and secure Private Cloud solutions. Our exclusive SMX® Speed Technology and 4-D® Security System ensure that our virtual desktops, hosted applications, and online IT infrastructures are among the world’s fastest and best protected. We also back all of our Private Cloud Solutions with 24x7x365 performance monitoring and technical support from our knowledgeable and ever-vigilant personnel.

Visit our main site at for more information. Also, stay tuned to our blog for more on the ifs, whens, hows, whats, and whys of cloud computing.

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