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CloudServiceProviderBlog1It’s important for organizations to know what they’re getting into when they make the switch to a particular cloud-based infrastructure. However, businesses have a multitude of cloud hosting providers to choose from these days. It can be tough for a company to differentiate between the hosting firms when—aside from there just being a daunting amount of them—they all claim to be the “industry leader” and make use of vague terms such as “flexible” and “resilient” to describe their products. Other hosting companies, taking the opposite approach, list a dizzying array of features—none of them very important or unique—hoping to distract from the ordinariness of their products with specificity and volume.

onthenetOffice, on the other hand, doesn’t try to mislead customers with inexact descriptions or interminable lists of generic product features. Instead, we emphasize only our most relevant and high-level differentiators, while presenting them clearly. We guarantee that you won’t find another other hosting company offering all of the features that we offer in its standard packages, much less with the same level of quality and cost-efficiency as onthenetOffice.

The features that make the onthenetOffice Private Cloud special include:

24x7x365 US-based email, phone, and online chat technical support. There are some (though not many) cloud hosting companies besides onthenetOffice that provide free 24x7x365 technical support. However, none have the same number of contact points as onthenetOffice and/or can guarantee onshore tech support from highly-trained, US-based personnel. With onthenetOffice, you can get enterprise-class support at any time (whether at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning) by way of any contact point (email, phone, or online chat).

Free managed services. Out of all the leading cloud hosting companies, only onthenetOffice includes managed services with all of its Private Cloud Solutions for no extra cost. Our managed services include 24×7 performance monitoring, deployment and integration support, and infrastructure maintenance and repairs. We will ensure that your cloud-based solution maintains its highest levels of performance, reliability, and compatibility. One of the top cloud hosting companies charges over $100 per month per server plus a $100 account fee for these same services; others don’t even offer them at all.

Free comprehensive security.It’s common for cloud hosting companies to include nothing more than a firewall and file encryption with their solutions. Their customers must pay extra to get additional protection. However, every onthenetOffice solution comes with our 4-D Security System, which includes 24×7 network security monitoring, IPS/IDS, patch management, firewall, data encryption, antivirus, spam blocker, and content filtering.

SMX Speed Technology.onthenetOffice’s underlying architecture includes SMX Speed Technology, which allows us to deploy applications in under a second and provide hosted solutions that perform as well as locally-installed systems. Want proof of onthenetOffice’s blazing speeds? Then sign up now for a free 30 day trial.

Flat monthly fees with no unexpected costs.onthenetOffice isn’t the only company that hosts cloud-based solutions at a flat monthly rate. The monthly fees aren’t the only thing flat and predictable about these other hosting providers, however: they usually offer a limited range of solutions and services and lack support for customization. onthenetOffice, meanwhile, provides solutions as various as Hosted Desktops, Hosted Applications, and Managed Hosted Servers at a low, fixed monthly rate—with bandwidth, data backup, setup, customization, managed services, security, and technical support all included.

100% uptime guarantee. onthenetOffice ensures that your Private Cloud Solution remains permanently functioning and available. Many other cloud hosting providers can’t offer more than a 99.5% uptime guarantee. While only a .5% difference, in reality this adds up to a devastating two near-complete days of downtime every year.

Free computing equipment. Sign up for an onthenetOffice Private Cloud Solution between now and March 31, 2013, and we’ll provide you with free IT hardware such as thin clients, keyboards, monitors, and mice. Read our blog post, “Get Brand New Computer Equipment For Your Business FREE With onthenetOffice Hosted Services”, for more details.

Sign up now for onthenetOffice Private Cloud Solutions starting at just $55 per user per month. Visit the main page at or contact an onthenetOffice representative for more information.

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