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It seems that more and more companies are choosing to host their infrastructures and applications in the cloud. In a recent survey by IBM, only 8.8% of IT professionals thought that it was unlikely that cloud computing would overtake on-premise infrastructures “as the primary way organizations acquire IT” by 2015. Meanwhile, 91.2% thought that the cloud would “definitely, most likely, likely, or somewhat likely” surpass on-site deployments by that date. Remarkably, IBM conducted this survey in 2010, when the global cloud computing market was only a half of its current size. As one might expect, a survey of IT professionals published in November 2012 was even more optimistic: 57 percent predicted that cloud computing would overtake on-premise infrastructures in total market share by 2017, while 81 percent said that this would happen by at least 2022.

Despite cloud computing’s impressive growth, however, the technology would probably have an even higher adoption rate if it weren’t for the misconceptions that so many people and businesses have about it. In particular, organizations with existing on-site IT infrastructures worry about the costs, hassles, and compatibility issues of migrating to a cloud-based platform. No-cost and hassle-free migration services from top-shelf hosting providers such as onthenetOffice expose these concerns as unfounded, however. Businesses can learn the truth for themselves by reading this list of cloud computing’s unfortunate myths and benign realities and then contacting an onthenetOffice representative to begin the free setup process:

  • Myth #1: During the cloud migration process, the company will not have access to its applications and files. Employees will be less productive and have to push back their deadlines as a result.

The truth: With onthenetOffice, the migration process will not cause businesses any delays or disruptions. Company personnel will never lose access to their applications and files. The companies’ IT infrastructures will not be subject to any outages or slowdowns.

  • Myth #2: It’s too expensive to migrate to the cloud. Also, the cost-savings of a cloud-based solution fail to make up for the hefty price of implementation.

The truth: onthenetOffice, for one, will perform the cloud migration and setup process for a minimal fee. Each implementation will involve analyzing a business’s current IT on-site infrastructure; mapping out and setting up its new cloud-based infrastructure; and transferring all its files and applications to the onthenetOffice servers. Once the company has established itself in the cloud, it will begin saving up to 80% on its IT costs.

  • Myth #3: Not all applications are compatible with a cloud-based IT infrastructure.

The truth: onthenetOffice can host any application, even customized software and legacy applications. Over the years, we have hosted Microsoft Office, Peachtree, QuickBooks, and many others.

  • Myth #4: Cloud-based infrastructures are for start-ups and businesses that need to replace their on-premise IT infrastructure. It’s a waste of money to migrate to the cloud for companies that have recently purchased on-site IT hardware and software.

The truth: None of the hardware or software of companies switching to the cloud with onthenetOffice will be wasted. The already-purchased software licenses of a business’s applications can all be transferred to onthenetOffice. Workstations and company-issued laptops and tablets can be used to access the cloud-based infrastructure. Preexisting on-site servers can be integrated with onthenetOffice Private Clouds to form hybrid clouds. In addition, cloud computing adds untold value in excess of its costs due to its ability to be scaled up to any size and to be securely accessed from anywhere at any time.

  • Myth #5: It makes sense to wait a few years before adopting cloud-based solutions.

The truth: Cloud computing is a mature, stable, secure deployment method. By procrastinating, businesses only deny themselves a sure-fire competitive advantage and increase the likelihood that they will be left behind technologically. Worse, companies that delay adoption risk losing the ability to get free hardware—including thin clients, monitors, keyboards, and mice—by signing up with onthenetOffice between now and March 31, 2013.

onthenetOffice offers Private Cloud Solutions such as virtual desktops, hosted Microsoft Exchange, web-based QuickBooks, and online IT infrastructures. It provides these industry-leading solutions for a low, fixed monthly fee. For no extra cost, each solution comes with 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock monitoring, comprehensive data security, and complete data backups. Learn more at http://www.onthenetoffice.com/.

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