Another Trojan Bites Apple Users

Mac users might have thought they were out of the woods after the recent “Flashback” virus scare.  But no sooner than Apple released a software update to take care of the problem did a new Trojan emerge.

Russian-based Kaspersky Lab disovered the virus named Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a, aka SabPubTwo versions of the virus have been discovered.  The first version has been floating around for a couple months now and infects computers through Microsoft Word.  The second version has infected more computers than its predecessor and, like Flashback, utilizes Java.  Unlike Flashback, however, the SabPub trojan is a “classic backdoor Trojan,” which allows attackers to remotely access the infected computer and, by extension, the owner’s information.

While the SabPub virus seems to have a small list of specific targets and is not attacking a larger population, the recent rash of trojans and viruses attacking Macs has lead to an increased question about security.  onthenetOffice offers customers a secure way of managing their business.  We have established Cisco firewalls that protect your desktop and important data from attacks.  We constantly install new security patches that protect you from any known viruses, trojans, malware, and other threats.   For more information on our “4-D Security” system, check out our Data & Network Security page.

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